Multilingual LAND

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For Children Raised With Two Or More Languages

Alessia Raineri, Ph.D.
Multilingual Family Consultant
Linguist | Multilingual Acquisition Researcher | Certified Language Educator | Mother of three

Find Support And Answers For Your Multilingual Journey

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You are in the right place if
  • You are a parent, a parent-to-be or a caregiver of a child growing up with 2 or more languages.
  • You don’t know how to plan your routine around raising your child with multiple languages.
  • You struggle with transmitting your own language(s) to your child.
  • Your child is in contact with many languages and you don’t know how to handle it.
  • Your bi- or multilingual child has problems in the school.
  • You have more than one child, many languages and the situation is getting out of hand.
  • You need to choose the right school for your child.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with multilingual parenting.
  • A health professional or an educator gave you an advice about your child’s language development and you have some doubts or concerns.


Every family and every child are unique.

Several factors contribute to a harmonic and sustainable development of two or more languages.

You will get tailored research-based advice and private coaching that will empower your bilingual or multilingual parenting journey.



What makes our method different

Harmony & Wellbeing

First of all Harmonious Multilingualism is one of our method's pillars. Through a child-centered approach, we give priority to the child's wellbeing and healthy interactions with all the family members.


As academics, we apply what Research on multilingualism says. Practical advice will be proven by Research sources which will enhance parents knowledge and expectations.

Qualification & Experience

High qualification in multilingual acquisition and learning accompanied by concrete experience in raising children with multiple languages in a third culture's country means to be familiar with all the aspects of multilingualism.

Experienced and trusted collaborators

Qualified professionals are helping us to build our Multilingual Land, like bilingual speech-therapists, language tutors, psychologists, multilingual educators and so on. We may recommend that you collaborate with them.

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